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Lowell, MA Procurement and Contracts Management Seminar for Public Housing Authorities, Published 29 May 2013

2-1/2 day conference July 10-12, 2013, a great success!

"American Red Cross Course Medical Station #F26 117th Boston Marathon," Published 16 April 2013

"Red Cross Announces 2013 Heroes!", Published 08 Feb. 2013

"Red Cross Deployment on Long Island, NY," Published 03 Feb. 2013

"Ready is of the Other Guy...Until You Find You Aren't," Published 30Oct. 2012

"Shot to the Foot? Support Candidates who Support Your Best Interest," Published 06 Oct. 2012

"Good Samaritan and Job-Specific Liability Shield Laws - The Consequences of Mixed Intentions," published 19 Feb. 2012

"Greenhouse Gases, Energy Technology Capabilities, and the Re-Localizing of our Village", published 15 Oct. 2011

"The Federal Debt Ceiling and Brand", published 2 Aug. 2011

12th Annual Heroes Breakfast to benefit the Disaster Services of the American Red Cross of Northeast Massachusetts

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